History begins in the XVI Century, when the Posada del Dragón was built as a local barn. Its name comes from the mythical dragon that guarded over the area of “Puerta Cerrada”. And in 1868 was converted as a guesthouse by the Marques de Cubas.
The story tells that traders, handsome swordsmen and loyal squires were accommodated here.
It is famous in history also by the ghosts who resided along its corridors. And at the end of the XIX Century the original building was demolished and rebuilt in 1910.
Posada del Dragón is crossed from side to side by the XII Century Christian Wall.
 The Building is protected by the Urbanism Plan of Artistic Buildings of the city Mayor. It still preserves many original features like part of the “Muralla Cristiana”, Christian Walls, an ancient marble bath, a granite drinking and a wooden staircase. All these elements are one of the most singular elements of the Hotel.