The trendy place in La Latina 

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Monday to Thursday we are closed

Friday: from 7pm to 11pm  

Saturday: from 12:30 to 11pm 

 Sunday: from 12:30 to 8pm 


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Our special friend, the dearest, that is "Antoñita". No one resists her kitchen, her market products, her quality, and unique and healthy food variety. “Dragonate” is a new gastronomic lifestyle, a culinary stream developed in the heart of La Latina. As a basic idea: “Filling our stomachs without emptying our pockets”, keeping the aesthetic tradition. Prioritizing the use of high quality local products and maintaining a friendly and cordial service.…

La Antoñita do not forget their origins and all they want is to share them with every visitor. They only try to pass on one thing: the great moments that await you at La Posada del Dragon & The Antoñita.


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